Youth Baseball Glove Buying Guide

Whether your child’s glove is lost, too small, or it’s time to retire dad’s 30 year old hand me down - Here is a quick guide to getting a new glove and caring for it. 


In case you didn't notice, kids tend to grow quickly so for ages 5-10, a baseball glove may only have a lifespan of 2-3 years before they no longer fit. 

Baseball Monkey has size charts and descriptions to help figure out the best fit for your hand size and level of play. 

Have your child wear the glove around all the time to break it in. New gloves can be stiff with not much give. They can pound a ball into the glove repeatedly while just sitting around.  You can even put a softball in the glove and wrap it up with towel or band to stretch it out a bit. 

Don't forget to put your name on it! A lot of gloves look the same and we have had some confusion at camps trying to figure out whose is whose. Write your name on the glove to avoid mix-ups and to help get the glove back in your hands in case it gets lost.