Tips For Buying a New Baseball Bat

Are you buying a baseball bat for your little slugger? Or maybe you already bought a bat and are having second thoughts? Here are some tips to determine if you purchased the right one.  Before going to the store, weigh your athlete and bring them along. 

Bat Buying Tips

by Legacy Sports Camp

Bat Material - Aluminum is the material that is used in youth bats, they have a long way to go before you purchase them a wood one. 

Bat Length - When standing next to the bat in cleats, the bat should be hip high and no higher.  Here is a size chart courtesy of Anthem Sports. 

Bat Weight - You can use the chart referenced above but not all kids have the same strength. Here is quick test: Have your child extend their dominant arm straight to the side parallel to the ground. Have them hold the bat with the barrel pointing to the sky. If they cannot hold the bat steady without struggling for 10 seconds, it may be too heavy.

Cost - Bats range from $25 to hundreds of dollars. At the younger ages, don't break the bank on a bat that they will grow out of in a year or two. A lot of second hand stores have bats for cheap that can turn up a real gem.

When to Use- Use the bat at one of our baseball training sessions this winter! Click here to see what we have for members of Oak Park and River Forest Youth Baseball Leagues.