Legacy is proud to be back for a third straight year of Summer Camp at St. Giles! Enrollment is limited to current/incoming St. Giles students and parishioners. Grade levels reflect Fall 2019. 

For the 3-week discount, please select the option titled “Legacy Sports Camp - Jun 10 - 28” rather than enrolling in each week individually.



This June, St. Giles athletes will take their kickball talents to the gym to battle for kickball league supremacy against students from Ascension & St. Luke. Each week, teams will compete against each other in 60-minute kickball games culminating in a single elimination tournament of champions. Co-ed teams will consist of 7th and 8th graders (based on fall 2019). Click the button below for schedule, rules and registration.

Program Descriptions

Gym Games – This exciting program features several different types of relay races, tag, dodgeball as well as classic gym games like Hand Hockey, Illinois Jones and Battleship.

Nerf Soccer – Each week, new teams will be drawn for fast paced soccer scrimmages. Depending upon the number in attendance, sessions will feature 2-team games, 3-Team Survivor, shootouts and more.

Along with scrimmages, Basketball will feature:

Shooting Stars - Students will participate in individualized and small-group shooting drills and challenges. The particular drills and activities include “Monopoly,” “Hideout,” “Speed Around-the-World,” and “Corn Fields.” Awards will be presented to individuals who successfully meet and/or beat these extraordinary challenges.

BEAT-THE-WALL - In over 39 years of presenting this challenge to hundreds of basketball players, only 44 individuals have been able to “Beat -the-Wall.” For a player to successfully complete this drill, he/she must demonstrate an incredible combination of concentration, shooting acuity & discipline.