Refer a Friend Legacy Baseball Cap Promotion

This promo is valid for our 6-Week November/December 2019 Baseball camps. Limit one cap per person. Richardson Snap Back adjustable caps in youth size with 3D stitched logo. Caps retail value is $14.00. Color combinations and images can be viewed here. Color combinations are listed with first color is crown color, second color is visor color. There is a limited supply of each color combinations. First come, first serve.

How to Refer a friend:

  1. First Enroll in a 2019 baseball camp

  2. Then find a friend to enroll in the camp and have them indicate your child’s name in the referral field of the registration form.

  3. Caps will be distributed at the first day of camp.

Please note:

  • Your child and friend cannot refer each other. Only one baseball cap promotion per referral pairing.

  • You cannot refer yourself to yourself.

  • If a referred friend drops out of camp, this promotion will not be valid.